Paying it Forward……

Alumni from Leadership Lynchburg dedicate their time and provide their expertise to Leadership Lynchburg by serving on the Leadership Council.

ChristineKennedy_100x100Christine Kennedy, LL28
COO/ EVP, Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance
Program Director for Leadership Lynchburg
Council Position: Staff


Ryan Zuidema,  LL42Zuidema, Ryanlb
Major (Lynchburg Police Department) – Investigations Bureau
Council Position:  Chairman
Why I serve on the Council: I serve on the Leadership Council because I believe it is my duty to develop other leaders and our community, with the goal of leaving both in a greater condition than they were found.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments:
Hobbies – Exercising and spending time with my family
Volunteer Commitments:

  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Virginia – Board of Directors
  2. Jubilee Family Development Center – Board of Directors
  3. Bedford County Public Schools – Safety Advisory Team
  4. Lynchburg-Central Virginia Crisis Intervention Team – Advisory Council

Favorite Quote: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” – Wayne Gretzky


Brandon Baber LL43Baber, Brandon2
: Business Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo Bank
Why I serve on the Council: A deep sense of personal responsibility to encourage others, to foster authentic relationships, and to help shape the character of ascending leaders in the community we all cherish and serve.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments: Pastor, King of Kings Church; Treasurer of Future Focus Foundation; Lynchburg Business Development Center Board Member, Lynchburg Morning Rotary Member, Central Virginia Free Will Baptist Association Executive Committee Member
Favorite Quote:  “Sometimes we are required to give up what is good and even what is better, that we might embrace the very best.”


Susan Chapman
Title Senior Associate, Brown, Edwards & Co., LLPchapman1
Council Position: Immediate Past Chair
Why I serve on the Council: As a member of LL38, I greatly enjoyed my time in the program. I have stayed involved in the program since I completed it. First, as a member of the Program Committee and now as a member of Council. I’m excited to continue to give back to the program that gave to me in so many ways.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments:
Cooking, Cake Decorating, Running, Yoga, LL Program Committee, VGFOA Standard Setting Committee
Favorite Quote:“Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

Jessica Clarkson, LL41 Clarkson, Jessica
Title: Assistant Vice-President of Business Development
Council Position:  Member
Why I Serve on the Council: To stay involved and help develop a be a part of the Leadership Lynchburg program
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments: Board of Directors for Susan G. Komen, Lyncburg Regional Business Alliance Ambassadors
Hobbies: spending time with my husband and daughter, cooking, and reading
Favorite Quote: “Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life” – Bertolt Brecht

Shaun Conway LL43Shaun Conway2
: Sr. GIS Programmer/Analyst, City of Lynchburg
Council Position: Secretary
Why I serve on the Council: I’m still learning from my time with LL43 and continue to find value in the experiences that I shared with my class and teammates. I serve to give back to a program I gained, and continue to gain, so much from.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments: I enjoy running, woodworking, and beekeeping, albeit not all at the same time. I currently serve on the City’s Volunteer Committee, Wellness Committee, and Process Improvement Committee.
Favorite Quote:
“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin


Michael Kittinger, LL40
Michael Kittinger Title: Supplier Relationship Manager, Genworth
Why I Serve on the Council: I loved being a part of Leadership Lynchburg 40. I want to continue to be a part of the organization and watch other leaders develop.
Hobbies & Volunteer Interests: Running, working out as well as spending time with my family and dogs
Favorite Quote: “One mile at a time”


Steven Lydzinski, P.E., LL38 Steve Lydzinski1
Title: Engineering Manager, AREVA Inc.
Council Position: Member
Why I serve on the Council:  Provides an opportunity to serve our community with other great leaders, to share experiences and continuously learn new ways to lead.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments:
I enjoy running, hiking, soccer and spending time with my family.  I volunteer with the first responder team at AREVA and have served as an alumni consultant for LL39-LL41.
Favorite Leadership quote:
“Every individual’s fate is tied to that of many others.  We cannot be like the shipwrecked man who sits at one end of a lifeboat doing nothing while everyone at the other end bails furiously, and says, “Thank god that hole isn’t in my end of the boat!”  We all need people, and if we don’t know it, we’re in trouble.”  J. C. Maxwell and L. Parrott 25 Ways to Win with People

Diane Ludwig, LL36

Title: Media/Communications Manager & Spokesperson, Centra
Council Position: Member  Diane Riley1
Why I serve on the Council: Serving is a way for me to give back to a program that continues to shape my professional and personal life daily. I had such an amazing experience going through Leadership Lynchburg and I want to help others have the same great experience.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments: I am an avid long distance runner, love cooking, spending time with my two dogs and reading. I currently serve on the board of directors for New Vistas School here in Lynchburg, and serve on the Children’s Miracle Network Love of Children’s event committee.
Favorite Quote:
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. –Henry David Thoreau


George Sherman, LL41
Title: Director, Center for Professional and Continuing Education, Liberty UniversityGeorge Sherman1
Council Position: Member (Leadership Lynchburg Flagship Program Selection Committee Chair)
Why I serve on the Council:  Serving is a privilege; commitment builds success.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments:  Fitness, family, and church.  Volunteer EMT.
Favorite Quote:
“The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.”  Sir Richard Cecil


Aaron Smith LL41Aaron Smith2
Current Job Title
: Diversity & Inclusion Officer – Lynchburg College
Why I serve on the Council: I serve on the Leadership Council to give back to a program that has a tremendous impact on the community. I want to be involved in the enhancement of our community, through leadership development.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments: I serve in my local church, I volunteer with the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and I’m involved in a number of volunteer commitments at Lynchburg College.  My hobbies include playing basketball, reading and hanging out with my family.
Favorite Quote: “Attitude reflects the longitude of success”


Susan Timmons, LL28
Title: Company/Organization: Retired – Mary-Baldwin College
Council Position: Member Emeritus


Kyna Thomas LL37Kyna Thomas
:  Deputy Clerk of Council
Why I serve on the Council:  LL37 provided the tools and opportunity to dig deeper into the core of myself as a leader. I served on the LL38 selection committee, and have served on the Alumni Committee for eight years. As an introvert I could easily get absorbed into my daily work and be just fine in my office; however, I have learned that growth occurs when you step out of your comfort zone. Serving allows me to connect with members from a variety of industries to impact leadership in the community.
Hobbies and Volunteer Commitments: My husband and I enjoy home improvement projects. Our children are at a fun age, so we enjoy family time and traveling. I also have a home-based skincare business and serve as VP for my neighborhood association.
Favorite Quote: “God didn’t have time to make a nobody, only a somebody.” – Mary Kay Ash