Flagship Program Curriculum

IMG_2072Leadership Subjects Covered:

  • Self- awareness, leadership & personal development
  • Personal breakthroughs, team dynamics, effective communication and problem solving
  • Decision-making, consensus building, collaboration, problem solving
  • Time & life management, balance, margin and leading through difficulties
  • Leading through the challenges of culture/country, generations and the ever changing technology
  • Public speaking
  • Leading vs. managing
  • Goal setting
  • Effective delegation
  • Crucial Conversations:   Listening, having difficult conversations, requesting & receiving feedback
  • Achieving a Vision: Developing tenacity and overcoming obstacles

LL Core Values: What we teach/model:

I.  Personal growth
Do I have a teachable heart?
Am I open to learning new ways of leading?
Am I willing to be stretched?
Am I embracing being held accountable?

II. Influence
Am I available/present?
Do my words and behavior inspire?
Do I challenge, confront with compassion and at the appropriate time?
Do I support and nurture growth in others?

III.  Impact
Am I using my strengths/gifts to make positive change?
What do my presence and time contribute in the community?