Collaborative Leader Award Presentation

Given at the Graduation Ceremony of the current year’s class, this award is designed to recognize exceptional leaders in the Lynchburg region.   Recipients are men and women who have made significant and notable contributions for the betterment of their communities through collaboration and the tenants of collaborative leadership as defined below.

  • Willingness to take risks
  • Eager listeners
  • Passion for the cause
  • Optimistic about the future
  • Able to share knowledge, power and credit

Similarly, collaborative leaders:

  • Find the personal motive for collaborating
  • Find ways of simplifying complex situations for people
  • Prepare for how they  are going to handle conflict well in advance
  • Recognize that there are some people or organizations that won’t or can’t partner
  • Have the courage to act for the long term
  • Actively manage the tension between focusing on delivery and on building relationships
  • Invest in strong personal relationships at all levels
  • Inject energy, passion and drive into their leadership style
  • Have the confidence to share the credit generously
  • Continually develop their interpersonal skills, in particular: empathy, patience, tenacity, holding difficult conversations, and coalition building.